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VortexPower - Mein Wasser. Mein Leben

Well - best is ‘well water’

Ideal drinking water would be well water coming from Earth Mother`s lap in an untouched nature. Since this is not possible for the majority of people we developed the VortexPower products. They improve the quality of tap water only by physical means - not removing or adding any chemical substances - except for oxygen, which is being dissolved in the water during the vortex process.

Water is regarded to form "quasi crystalline structures" - clusters consisting of dozens or hundreds of H2O-molecules. These clusters are being formed under bad technical conditions like high pressure, turbulent flow in straight tubes, cavitation when streaming through valves and other technical equipment. Large clusters make the water "lazy": it lacks its vividness, loses its ability to intrude into smallest capillary and shows a reduced solving capacity. This is equally harmful to human beings, nature and technical device.

The most effective and most natural way to dissolve those clusters again is vortex technology. Three concentric vortices in the VortexPower-chambers spinning anticlockwise, produce a large amount of micro-vortices (or Nano-vortices) in between themselves which grind the clusters of H2O-molecules down to zero - just like a river or a creek that grinds solid rocks to smaller and smaller gravels ending with sand.

What happens inside our vortex chambers?

The VortexPower devices draw their motion energy only from the water pressure. The more pressure, the better they work. The vortex chamber inside the Spring is shaped similar to an 8 spinning around its vertical axis. The vortex chamber of the Source is more cylindrical but with a completely organically shaped floor and ceiling.

Several injection nozzles make the water flow in the chamber tangentially and form a cascade of several concentric vortices. In the Spring we have three, in the Source five injection nozzles spread out equally over the lateral surface and the height of the chamber.

These injection nozzles are of hyperbolic shape - similar to the funnel of a horn or trumpet - and accelerate the water to a speed of several dozens of meters per second right from the start.

What has more power than a hurricane? - Three ones!

Lets take a look at a large vortex - like a water whirl or a hurricane. The movement starts relatively slow outside and increases steadily till it reaches devastating speeds in the centre of the vortex. Scientifically spoken: As the radius of the vortex movement goes down to zero the speed of the fluid approaches infinity.

In our vortex chambers the incoming streams of water form an outward vortex ascending in a left spin movement close to the walls of the chamber. When approaching the upper end of the vortex chamber this vortex turns into an inner descending vortex performing a right spin spiral movement. Last but not least the unique patented VortexPower process forms a third vortex moving upward again right in the centre of the two other vortices.

Therefore the Spring and Source produce a vacuum area along the inner axis of the vortex chamber.

Viktor Schaubergers principle of "implosion energy"

The Austrian pioneer of vortex technology Viktor Schauberger (1885 - 1958) called that the principle of "implosion energy". We set it into action - but working with a completely different geometry. But as Schauberger advised, the Spring and Source produce a vacuum area along the inner axis of the vortex chamber. This sucks the medium from outside into the vortex chamber and dissolves it down to Nano-scale. In the case of the Spring air is being sucked through the ring of 19 small holes at the lower end of the Spring into the vortex chamber. A small tube entering the chamber right in the middle of the outlet channel leads the air directly into the "eye of the hurricane" - results in a high amount of oxygen being solved in the water.

In the case of the Source there is no air coming in but water inside a second vortex chamber following the main one. Here the suction energy draws a large amount of the water into the vortex again so that it is being energized once more. This results in extraordinarily gentle water with a high solving capacity.

Learning from Mother Nature

Out in the nature energizing "dead" water again requires many kilometres and hours of whirling flow in a creek. VortexPower devices manage the same in a flash of an eye in very small space - only by using the water pressure.

Remind that the air pressure of one atmosphere equals the water pressure in a depth of ten metres. So a tube pressure of i. e. three bar is equivalent to a reservoir dam of 30 metres in height where you use the water energy on the bottom for instance in a turbine.

But even more effective is the intelligent use of three vortices spinning anticlockwise to each other within a small vortex chamber with no chance to escape. That produces a countless number of micro-vortices in between the large vortices spinning with extraordinary speed.

That condenses the natural regeneration process to a far smaller and faster scale.

VortexPower - we live sustainability

The VortexPower products are constructed without any moving parts manufactured only from best materials available. They do not know any attrition or date of expiry.

The Spring is made of Scandinavian highest grade stainless steel - free from nickel and rare earth materials - containing only iron, chrome and molybdenum as alloying elements which are not only harmless but even essential trace elements. Its corrosion resistance is equal to AISI 316L.

The metal parts inside the Source are made of highest-grade stainless steel (AISI 316Ti + AISI 316L) of European quality production, too. The blue plastic case of the Source is made of a most modern organic polymer called POM (PolyOxyMethylene) with the chemical formula CH2O, produced in Germany. It contains no plasticizers or other harmful substances and fulfils the highest requirements for food and drinking water easily.

VortexPower - My water. My life.

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