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Water - the mysterious element

The goddesses of water of old cultures were always female - not only because water is thesource of all life but also because water is fuzzy and unpredictable. Water shows dozens of socalled anomalies - law-breaking properties puzzling the scientists. Sometimes it seems like waters favorite passtime is to boggle our mind. And water likes to keep its secrets like a shy lady covering her beauty with a veil. Scientists tracked down the abnormal behaviour of water to ists molecular structure.

Waters reluctance to reveal its secrets makes scientific hard proof difficult. That gives space not only to a wide range of speculations but also to hundreds of companies selling all kind of products claiming to treat the structure of the water by different more or less plausible methods. Some of them seem to be rather scientific like magnetism, electrical influence or induction while others sound like pure phantasy using "tachyons", "orgone" or "chi energy" and so on.



What's all about with these clusters?

For a long time the presence of water clusters was not commonly accepted. Scientists had postulated a quasicrystalline structure of water on the nanoscale range many decades ago but hard proof of that and the actual geometry of the clusters were difficult to bring forward. It took many years of highly sophisticated research and the assistance of parallel supercomputers to understand the arrangement and the geometrical proportions of water-clusters. Professor I. Ignatov's team is one of few worldwide, that have the technical requirements to do exact measurements of the cluster structure.

Water-molecules are dipoles - meaning their electrical charge is shifted. They are carrying a positive and a negative charge at either end. This is a bit like with magnets; having a north- and a south pole. And like tiny magnets, the H2O-molecules attract each other - forming clusters of up to several hundred molecules each. These clusters carry energy and information - depending on their size and geometrical shape. That’s why two samples of water - containing the same substances - do have completely different properties. The quality of water may not only be measured by its chemical consistency - but must be estimated by physical factors, too.

Water - course and fine matter aspects?

Over decades Professor Ignatov and his team had tested a whole lot of these physical water treatment devices, again and again coming to the same conclusion that all the "fine-matter-methods" ( e.g. frequences, information m.m.) were not worth a penny - until they came across the Vortex Power Spring. After making the first measurements, Professor Ignatov couldn’t believe his eyes. The learned sceptic
repeated the tests again and again, calibrating his equipment realigned every time, but the results would not change: Water from this little device, made of hard steel, showed the same frequency patterns like water from wells or glaciers high up in the mountains. Professor Ignatov was deeply astonished by these results - after all he had claimed for years: nothing is healthier than natural water from the well. Now he finally found what he had been seeking for many years: a technology to bring well water quality to everyone. He travelled to Switzerland to meet the Vortex Power team, curious to obtain more information about their technology.

According to Vortex Power inventor, Alexander Class from Germany, the extraordinary effect stands on two legs: First and most important is the high-speed vortex chamber in the Spring® (and other Vortex Power products) accelerating the water to extreme speeds and leading it into several concentric vortices, each spinning into an opposite direction, rotating clockwise and anticlockwise as well as streaming in an ascending and descending manner pluss combining centrifugal and centripetal movements. This leads to such an intensive dispersion of the water droplets that it goes down to nanoscale expansions. This is the clue to dissolving the clusters of H2O-molecules - like a creek or river that grinds stones and rocks to fine sand.


The second crucial point for the construction of the Vortex Power Spring®, Alexander Class points out, is the use of the right numbers.
How that?

The art of pleasing our soul?

What makes us feel so special when we visit an old temple or cathedral? Why do we have such a favour for certain pieces of art like classical statues or renaissance paintings? German inventor Alexander Class explains, it's the effect of harmonic proportions. Art or architecture that touches our soul is always shaped according to certain numbers and their ratios that are, by the way, the same that we find in plants, animals or the human body. The best known set of special numbers is the Golden Section or Golden Ratio 1,618... : 1 or 0,618... : 1, based on the so called Fibonacci Numbers, first described by medieval mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci of Pisa. But it is not only the harmonic proportions of the dimensions of the product,  even more important are the absolute values of the numbers defining dimensions like height and diameter of the vortex chamber, the curvature radius of the splines used and so on. Genius art, enchanting architecture or timeless design is mathematics cast into shape, Class points out. Old masters like Pythagoras or Leonardo daVinci would surely have concurred him.

And a jury of international star designers already did. In 2012 the Vortex Power Spring® was decorated with the famous red dot design award when its beauty and sustainability convinced the jury in Essen / Germany. The second leg, the healthy water of the Vortex Power Spring stands on is the mathematics of the product. Inventor Class claims to work with a couple of secret numbers he has found in the nature or in the periodic table of elements and other places from the scale of
elementary particles to the size of galaxies - occuring as natural constants like the speed of light, the Planck quantum, Sommerfeld's constant and others. By putting these numbers in the right ratio he designs his vortex chambers not only according to the requirements of fluid dynamics but also to the human favour and fascination for mathematical beauty.

VortexPower AG

Forch, 30 July 2015

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