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1x Vortex Power Spring

1x Vortex Power Verktøy Screw

1x Vortex Power Rensemiddel Splendid

1x Vortex Power Flaske Soulmate


Enrich water measurably with energy and oxygen. Improves the absorption of water in the body. Your water tastes lighter and is much more digestible. Revitalisation of the water following nature’s example.



  1. The patented drinking water whirler SPRING

(produced by VortexPower®)


Enriches water with oxygen.

Improves the absorption of water in the body.

The patented VortexPower® Spring® tap attachment is able to revitalise conventional tap water on the basis of vortex technology following nature’s example – the structure of the water is changed naturally (hexagonal) and enriched with energy and oxygen by whirling.


Spring turns normal tap water into vital, digestible, energy- and oxygen-rich drinking water – just like nature shows us in a powerful mountain stream.


The water tastes lighter, can be swallowed better and is absorbed better by the body. So you can easily drink the recommended daily amount of at least 2 liters of water per day without having a heavy stomach.


The water promotes the purification of the body and through significantly improved flow and solubility of the water, your cells can absorb nutrients in the water much better.


Whirled water has a measurably higher self-energy. This is noticeable, for example, by the fact that whirled water starts to boil much faster and that you need less cleaning agents for the same cleaning performance as before.


The positive changes of tap water by the VortexPower technology have been proven in a scientific research by Prof. Dr. Ignat Ignatov.


The VortexPower Spring 2012 was awarded the coveted red dot design award for its combination of sustainability and design.


All VortexPower products are manufactured in the modern production plant near Zurich. All individual parts right through to the finished end product are subjected to over a dozen quality controls.

Only the highest quality materials, such as special stainless steel, are used.

Vortex Power "PACKAGE"

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