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The Practical Tap-attachment

VortexPower Spring®

Technical Information

Height: 38 mm, Diameter: 31 mm, Weight: 90 g (1.5, 1.22 in., 3.17 oz)

Mounting thread Spring: M22x1 mm inside (3/4 x 0.03 in.)

Mounting thread with adapter: M24x1 mm outside (7/8 x 0.03 in.)

Material: Nickel-free stainless-steel, certified for use with edibles

Operating pressure, minimum: 2,5 bar, maximum: 6 bar (36.26, 87 psi)

Water temperature maximum: 95 Celsius (203 °F)

Flow-rate: 3 – 7 Liters per minute (0.79 – 1.85 gals per min.)

The VortexPower Spring® is a bio-physical functioning product for the refinement of drinking-water. Water is revitalized and charged with additional oxygen, as occurs in nature, by means of the regeneration of water through the whirling of water into vortices. In the compact and attractive attachment, which can be screwed onto any water-tap, there is a highly efficient swirling-chamber, within which, water is moved at very high-speed causing it to attain a high solubility and fluidity. Water-clusters (crystal-like bonds of many H2O molecules) are broken up by the swirling, the inner surface of the water is increased, which enables humans, animals and plants, among other things, to be better nourished by the minerals in the water.

The water is additionally enriched by oxygen drawn in through small air-holes by the low pressure created by the eddies. The removal of waste products from the human body is better enabled by the increased solubility and fluidity. Water will also seem to be cooler and softer, and, as a result, one will more easily consume the essential daily dose of, ca., two liters of pure water.

The secret of the swirling-technology

Water flows through the completely organically formed swirling-chamber in a very high-speed stream. In this way, modeled on that which occurs in nature, and on the basis of swirl-technology, in approximately three centimeters, the very energetic route of a kilometer-long mountain torrent is simulated. In this manner, normal tap-water is revitalized, conform to nature, and enriched with oxygen.

The advantages of Vortex-Water, briefly



Water tastes softer and more digestible. Therefore, one automatically drinks more. In addition, the minerals in the water will be more easily absorbed into the body.



With the purchase of a Vortex Power Spring®, one no longer has the effort of transport, nor the cost of storage, nor the waste-disposal of water containers. Healthy, ecological, inexpensive and delicious – the Vortex Power drinking-water system will provide one a lot of happiness.


The most recent research shows that undesired information, such as, for example, from hormones and heavy metals, is neutralized through swirling and the resulting revitalization of water.


There are noticeably fewer and less visible deposits of calcium on dishes and on pans, in which water is cooked. Also, house-hold appliances into which one fills water, such as irons, will be better protected from calcium build-up.


Swirling of water can help to make germs harmless for the human body.


The structure of water is changed in a natural way (hexagonal) by swirling. This water can be much better absorbed by our body-cells. All of the nutrients and minerals in the body can be better bonded and transported. More energy is available to the body, as a result of more rapid expulsion of waste products. This results in higher vitality and performance from the body and spirit.


Pure water is the most effective energy-source in the world. Swirling water increases its fluidity and solubility and aids the body in all metabolic processes.


The VortexPower Spring® can be easily mounted on the threads of the tap with no effort.


The VortexPower Spring® must be cleaned every 4 – 8 weeks, in order to attain the optimal water quality. For this, one should use the Vortex Power cleaning agent, which was especially designed for the steel of the Vortex Power Spring®. The composition of the ingredients insure a rapid decalcification.

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