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Carry your best water. Stainless steel bottles in stylish designs and many sizes. Stable, safe and sustainable water bottles.


Our stainless steel bottles are not only a great accessory, but also an ideal companion for your drinking water. They are robust and durable. Stainless steel has an antibacterial effect and, unlike plastic or aluminium, does not release any chemical components into the water. Your water stays cool and fresh for hours in the double-walled bottle, even in summer. You increase your well-being and at the same time protect our nature.


Due to the double-walled construction, the SOULMATE is a insulated flask. This keeps your water refreshingly cool for 24 hours. And if you prefer to take tea with you, it will stay warm for 12 hours.


Stainless Steel Bottle Soulmate - Forskjellige Farger

Svart: 800ml
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