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Binchotan activated carbon cleans your water wherever you are. Improves water quality in a short time. Optimum water treatment for on the move.


2 x Binchotan filter stick in design packaging.
Imperial Premium Binchotan filter sticks for use in stainless steel bottles or carafes. Medium size, made of oak, eucalyptus or beech wood, according to traditional production.

SPINE – Binchotan, Aktiv-Kull-Stick, 2 stykk i gave-boks

  • 1. Rinse briefly under clear running water before using for the first time.

    2. Cook in a water pot for 10 minutes.

    3. Place in the water carafe or bottle and let it take effect. 2-4 hours is      good. 8 hours is optimal. Half the time is enough for water                  whirled with Spring.

    4. After 3 months, boil again and use for another 3 months.

    5. Then use as plant fertilizer or odour neutraliser.

    Note: After a short period of use (e.g. when travelling), boil, allow to dry out and store in an airtight and light-proof place in the refrigerator until the next use.

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