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You will enjoy the best water quality with the VortexPower Source® at any time – everywhere in your home or business premises. The Source® operates completely ecologically, without any chemical additives, parts-wear, consumable material, and thus, operates at its full capacity even after many years. By the combination of 5 different active principles, which are, in part, repeatedly employed, the Source® has enough reserve capacity to protect all future installations of, as well as already connected, household appliances, such as coffee-machines, dish-washers or washing-machines from calcification for a long time. It also regenerates your tap-water to a food-stuff following the example set by nature.


The 5 active principles


• Swirl-technology

• Magnetization

• Addition of seed crystals

• Informing of gem-stones

• Geometric harmonizing

VortexPower Quelle

SKU: 0002
  • The advantages of VortexPower Source®, briefly


    Water tastes softer and more digestible. Therefore, one automatically drinks more. In addition, the nutrients in the water will be more easily absorbed into the body.


    One needs less wash-detergent and one's washing appliances are better protected from calcification. Additionally, one no longer has the effort nor the ecological pollution accompanying the transport of bottled water.


    The most recent research shows that undesired information, such as, for example, from hormones and heavy metals, is neutralized through swirling and the resultant revitalization of water.


    There are noticeably fewer and less visible deposits of calcium throughout the household. This will extend the life-time of one's appliances.


    Swirling of water can help to make germs harmless for the human body.


    The structure of water will be changed in a natural way (hexagonal) by swirling. Such water can be much better absorbed by our body-cells. All of the nutrients and minerals in the body can be better bonded and transported. More energy is available to the body, as a consequence of more rapid expulsion of waste products. This results in higher vitality and performance.


    The installation must be carried out by a plumber, who has been instructed in the correct installationprocedure for the VortexPower Source®. Note: All guarantee claims will be invalidated by inappropriate installation.


    The VortexPower Source® functions without parts-attrition and chemical additives. Therefore, it need not be cleaned nor maintained.

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